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love shines on


Nepal- January 2013. Check out a blog on Nepalese culture here.

I dropped their basket down this mountain. Oops!

Such beauty!

Nepalese children are the cutest.

I love the mustard fields that paint Nepal.

India- February 2013. Out of all the countries I have ever been to, this one has wrecked me the most. Find out why here.

The slums of Mumbai.

A red light district in Mumbai.

She changed my life.

Thailand- March 2013. Check out the power of love here and a video documenting the red light district here.

Baby elephants are eager to be fed.

Phuket is gorgeous.

Fell in love with this dog on the beach!

Malaysia- April 2013. Check out a blog I wrote in Malaysia here.

My kitten I adopted!

Cambodia- May 2012 Check out one of my most popular blogs about the end of the Race here.

The children I taught in Cambodia stole my heart.

Worship of a statue at Angkor Wat.

A boy and his dog.

Singapore- April 2013

Flashing lights.


Israel- January 2012


The Sea.

A market in Akka.





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