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It is kind of like bungee jumping…

Have you ever been bungee jumping? There is nothing like that feeling of absolute freedom after you jump.

Well getting there was the hard part. Maybe when you first decided to go jump off a bridge you were excited and you felt adventurous; you told all your friends so that they would know how brave and daring you are. And you were excited and ready to go until they put you in those straps and you looked over the edge. And you saw that you would surely die if anything went wrong and your instincts began to tell you that what you were about to do was just plain dumb. And after that it takes every ounce of courage that you have to jump.

Everything becomes so real in that moment because you fear that it may be your last. Or at least that the moment will change you, that it marks the spot between the old you and the new you.

You are aware you are aware of every breath you take, every beat of your heart, and every flutter of your stomach. It’s those moments, when you are trusting it all to God, that something laying dormant inside of us, comes alive, it’s scary, but it’s real, as real as you’ll ever get.

And after you jump that feeling of absolute freedom is undeniable. Life is now less scary because you survived jumping off a bridge. And here’s the crazy part, it was fun.

And that is what I keep on telling myself, “it’s just like bungee jumping.”

As my upcoming mission to Australia begins to draw closer, I am beginning to see the weight of my decision. I am looking over the edge and thinking to myself that it is a long way down. I don’t have all the money I need for Australia. I am leaving all my friends, my family, my life. I don’t know anyone there and nothing will be the same when I get back. My friends will have changed, the seasons will have changed, but most importantly I will have changed. I will come back a different person. And God knows what that will look like.

But at the same time I know that the bungee is safe, that the feeling of weightlessness is indescribable and that I will have the time of life. I know this because I know that my bungee is indestructible, infallible and perfect.

Australia is where I am called and Australia is where I will go. And remembering who my God is reminds me of how safe I am and how loved I am.

So I am jumping.

God will catch me.

About Meghan Tschanz

I believe in love, empowerment. and adventure. The kind of love that believes in the face of adversity, the empowerment that allows people to step into their destiny, and the kind of adventure that leaves your heart pounding in your chest. I write because I want to remind us all that there is so much more to life.

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