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I have traveled to the future it is 9 pm yesterday in colorado. It is 2 pm here in Brisbane… and I can’t stop the thoughts. Here are my observations so far…
1. God really does take care of me
2. I was right I really hate traveling by myself, there is no one to bounce my worries off of, if i am at the right gate etc. In Aus instead of having the departing flight they have the arriving flight
3. Aussies are really nice and willing to help,
4. I love how they call you love and darling all the time 🙂 I will take that back to the states
5. Everyone stares at me, I wonder if it is that obvious that I am an American.
6. I now hate hate snack bars of any sort, I think I ate way too much of them in college. I find myself looking forward to airline food with a viciousness. I have plenty of bars in my purse I just can’t bring myself to eat them. Finally right now out of crazy hunger I eat one. It is a force feeding.
6. The transfer from Melbourne to Brisbane was one of the most stressful and aggravating of my life, I knew I was running late to my next flight and they didn’t give me a customs card on the flight. I realized that I needed one when I had already waited in line for half an hour. There is a stack of them back through the zig zag line but everyone around me is asian and doesn’t speak english so I can’t ask them to pass one to me. I get out of line and it increases ten fold and have to wait for some asian guy to thoughtfully think out each response on his customs card so I could use the attached pen. Seriously it took him forever, looking up answers in his phone, do you seriously need to look up whether or not you touched farm animals on your phone? People take those forms too seriously (I probably shouldn’t say that, but it took me 30 seconds to fill out the form and him 7 minutes) He feels the need to write out a heart felt response and I am going to miss my flight. Back in line people are moving at a snails pace and I want to yell at them all and push them out of my way. Instead I suffer in silence with my stress, the pressure is enormous. Get to the line he stamps me and says the rest of the way will take a bit of time and wishes me good luck, that I will need it to make it to my flight on time. All the workers around him are extremely attractive. Aussies are more attractive to me than Americans, and they all have similar features, it is hard to describe. Nice man checks inside my luggage and tells me it will be alright. Run upstairs wait in another long frustrating line with all my heavy heavy luggage and I am sweating and shaking from stress. I have 30 minutes before my next flight leaves. Get to check my bag with 20 minutes to spare. The line for security is short , thank God, but my flip flop mysteriously gets lost for a minute. Get my flip flop ready to run to Gate 9. Then a man says he needs me for a random brushing or something. I find it is hard to understand Aussie accents at first so I just let him brush me. He brushes my bags and me with something and puts it in the machine. He says that I am clean and don’t even have an explosive personality (SOOO FUNNY). Run to gate 9 and it has the arriving flight on the board thing and there is no one there and I get confused walk around frantically looking for a worker then decide to go back to gate 9, I ask some ladies if they are waiting for the Brisbane flight, they say yes. It turns out the flight is delayed by an hour. All my stressing for nothing. Then I get stressed about missing my next flight to Townsville. Get on the plane and have to pee, but two elderly people are trapping me next to the window napping on each other (so cute) and i didn’t want to wake them. the woman next to me wakes I ask to use the bathroom. She whispers in her husbands ear that I have to use the bathroom as if not to embarrass me or something. I feel awkward. I go to the bathroom look in the mirror and realize I cold really use a shower after traveling for the past 24 hours, all i think is grease. Get back to my seat arrive in Brisbane shortly there after. I have 30 minutes to get to my flight instead of the original two, I look up what gate it is and it is literally 40 feet in front of me. I relax and begin stressing about who will pick me up at the airport.
Conclusion, I am a very capable, more so than I think. I can figure out airports all by myself, I stress too much.

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I believe in love, empowerment. and adventure. The kind of love that believes in the face of adversity, the empowerment that allows people to step into their destiny, and the kind of adventure that leaves your heart pounding in your chest. I write because I want to remind us all that there is so much more to life.

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