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A Moment of Distraction

I was finally working on my homework, when a friend of mine posted something about Jon Foreman on Facebook, I got distracted and read his blog, what I read distracted me in the best possible way.

Jon Foreman wrote a blog called “Goodness Precedes Greatness” where he spoke of unsung heroes that live their life relatively unnoticed, but with an impact more powerful than all the weapons in the world. He spoke of heroes who lived a life of love and sacrifice. A life of putting others before yourself. And it got me thinking on how incredibly powerful that is.

In a moment when my mind was focused on nothing but homework, something relatively pointless, I was distracted by truth. It seems insane to me that truth can be reduced to a “distraction.”

But how often in our life are we truly focused on truth and all that it holds. The truth is that love is greatest.  Nothing is stronger than love, nothing can out do love and love has the power to overcome anything. Love overcame death and darkness, we know that in the way that Jesus died for our sins.

So if love is the most powerful thing, why do we, so often, forget about it and go after our own selfish ambitions? Our society, so often, chooses money over family and fame over humility. What if love was our top priority? What if we sacrificed our time to help someone worse off than ourselves?

Then, I think, the world would quickly become a more a beautiful place. The only thing that can fight off hate is love, extravagant love.

So at this moment, I am reminded by love’s power. I believe that we can only change the world by serving something greater than ourselves, that something is love.

About Meghan Tschanz

I believe in love, empowerment. and adventure. The kind of love that believes in the face of adversity, the empowerment that allows people to step into their destiny, and the kind of adventure that leaves your heart pounding in your chest. I write because I want to remind us all that there is so much more to life.

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