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“Me too” and why sexual assault matters to all of us.

Earlier this week there was a campaign trending: me too. It asked for women who had been sexually harassed or assaulted to write “me too” as a status. Slowly, Facebook feeds began to be covered in the words in hopes that people might get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. I think a […]

Read my prologue before anyone else.

Today is a good day because I am on a roll with my writing and I almost never feel that way. Instead of writing my usual Wednesday blog, I’ve decided to dedicate today to working on the book and offer you the really cool opportunity to read it before anyone else does. You would be what […]

Things I used to believe: poverty.

For most of my life, whenever I saw a person who was homeless, I would cross the street, avoiding eye contact. I would never give money because I had been told that many of them were feigning homelessness and that any money I would give them would be immediately spent on booze or drugs. Others […]

To all the (christian) single ladies

When I finally got a boyfriend and then engaged after being single for eight years I had messages pour in all over the place. Married friends who I had not talked to in years congratulated me, single women let me know they were encouraged by my story, and even a few people I didn’t know […]

Most trafficked women in the US come from Foster Care. We can change that.

When we first met Jada*, she wouldn’t talk to us, much less acknowledge our presence. She firmly crossed her arms in front of her chest, her eyes glued to the wall behind us. She intimidated me, and I knew what she was thinking. Who were we to help her? We had never been bought and […]

Is sex work an honest career or modern-day slavery?

I’ve talked to a lot of men who buy women, a lot of times they say that sex work is honest work.  They tell me things like: “She likes it” “I’m helping her make a living” “How else would she support her kids?” “She chose this life” To further this narrative I just read an […]

The Great American Eclipse and its power to unite.

  On Monday, August 21st people across the United States of America donned their eclipse glasses to watch something that hadn’t happened to this scope since 1918. Highways clogged with totality chasers, social media filled with pictures of it, and for the first time in a while, news stations reported on something that didn’t cause […]

How should the church respond to racism?

This past weekend in Charlottesville alt-right and white nationalists groups gathered together to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, in response counter-protesters gathered. There were chants by the alt-right like “Jews will not replace us,” and “blood and soil” and counter-chants of  “No Nazis, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Allegations of mace being sprayed from […]

It’s more than a title… it’s a movement.

So, as many you know, I am writing a book. What many of you don’t know is the title, and I want to take some time to explain the title and the vision to you all. At the end of spending a year and a half hearing the stories of women around the world, I […]

I just quit my dream job. Here’s why.

Yesterday was my last official day at a job that I had desired for years, a job that took passions of mine: writing and missions, and fused them together. But to explain how I arrived here, having just quit my dream job, I have to give a little back story. Buckle up because it’s a […]